Individual Services

I’ve been using Avaunt for almost two years for both accounting and tax services for my business and for my personal finance matters. They have never missed a deadline, and given my past experience with them, I’m confident for the future.” Anthony Souza of Public Sector Partners

We can help you look forward to tax season.

Not only do some of our earliest clients still use us year after year, but now so do their children, who have their own set of finances to manage.

Avaunt approaches personal finance holistically. We can help build your long-term retirement strategy as well as year-to-year tax returns. No matter how complex your tax situation, we listen closely, build a relationship and guide you through the process toward your goals.

Significant life events can change your tax status and complicate your return. Avaunt can help ensure compliance and optimal outcomes in case of events such as:

  • Getting married
  • Having a baby
  • Opening a fund for college savings
  • Renting properties
  • Buying or selling your main residence
  • Getting divorced
  • Becoming unemployed
  • Receiving inheritance
  • Putting away savings or making investments

The Avaunt team can also advise you how to make good financial choices and save on future tax payments.